Jael – blessed among women in tents!

Last time we started to look at Deborah the Judge who actively encouraged Barak into battle and at his request accompanied him.  She was happy to go into battle, but predicted that the opposing leader would be killed, not by Barak, the male leader of the Jewish people, but by a woman.  We look thenContinue reading “Jael – blessed among women in tents!”

Deborah – Prophet, Judge, Mother, Wife, Battle Leader!

Was Deborah the woman who had it all?  The last woman we looked at was Rahab who helped the spies sent by Joshua to see the lie of the land before the Israelites crossed into the Promised Land. We find the tale of Deborah in the Book of Judges which covers the time after theContinue reading “Deborah – Prophet, Judge, Mother, Wife, Battle Leader!”

Rahab – from woman of doubtful reputation to revered ancestress

Five women are named in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus – Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Uriah’s wife and Mary.  Tamar, we have already featured – she was the mother of Judah’s twins, conceived after Judah took her, mistakenly believing her to be a prostitute.  Our next woman Rahab is commonly believed to have been a prostitute.  LetContinue reading “Rahab – from woman of doubtful reputation to revered ancestress”

Zipporah – wife of Moses

Moses who is such an important figure in the liberation of the people of God from their slavery in Egypt and their leader through the years in the desert wilderness, is a man saved by women.  Previously – we saw how his mother and sister are instrumental in saving him from death at birth andContinue reading “Zipporah – wife of Moses”

Miriam – sister, daughter, prophet

Miriam – how to approach her; given that we have already mentioned her (see Jochabed – the mother of Moses)? We glimpse Miriam’s first appearances in Exodus as the older sister of Moses, the Jewish boy whose very birth placed him in immediate danger in Egypt, and of Aaron. They lived with their parents AmramContinue reading “Miriam – sister, daughter, prophet”