Rachel – the Beloved, but Barren Wife

Rachel’s world – ten boys, one girl but none of them hers by birth (although the two borne by her maidservant are technically and culturally hers). She, the beloved wife of Jacob, that he worked many long years for (twice over) has to stand by watching as the sister, who their father infiltrated into Jacob’sContinue reading “Rachel – the Beloved, but Barren Wife”

Rachel – the Beautiful Shepherdess

Chronologically our next significant “Woman of the Bible” is Rachel.¬† Her story is much entwined with that of her sister Leah. ¬†Rachel is noted for her beauty and she wins the heart of Jacob, Leah, the other sister, unloved, married by a trick to the trickster Jacob, she however is the ancestor of Joseph theContinue reading “Rachel – the Beautiful Shepherdess”